M Watkins. Ruhpolding 2005


British Championships, Ruhpolding 2003.

(Photo: R. Butcher)

2006 BBU Super Sprint, Ruhpolding.

(Photo: R. Butcher)

Summer Biathlon, Roller-ski (left) and Running (right) at East Grange Biathlon Centre, Scotland. 2003. (Photos:EGBC)

Wessex Biathlon & Nordic Ski Club

Roller-ski racing in France

(Photo: R. Butcher)



12.5km Pursuit Salt Lake City 2002. (Photo: M. Dixon)

Welcome to the web site of the Wessex Biathlon and Nordic Ski Club.

As a sport Biathlon represents a unique challenge, requiring a high level of physical fitness, with physical and mental control for accurate shooting under pressure. Cross-country (Nordic) skiing is an integral part of biathlon and widely recognized as one of the most effective forms of exercise. Due to a lack of reliable snow in England, roller-skiing is widely used to train cross-country skiers and is growing in popularity as a sport.

Summer Biathlon, the sister sport of Winter Biathlon combines either roller-skiing, running or mountain-biking with rifle shooting and is the format for most UK training.


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Wessex Sprints 2015

Sunday 13th September, Castle Combe Circuit

Plus one day roller-ski course



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